Make Sure Your Lashes Don’t Give You Rashes

Beauty experts and dermatologists alike recommend replacing your mascara and other cosmetics on a regular basis to avoid bacteria from breeding and rendering you blind, or at least with a nasty case of crusty red lids right before an important event. We’re all smart gals, we know that three months is supposed to be the maximum time mascara should be used for, but with our busy lives, how are we supposed to remember when it needs to be tossed for a fresh one, when we can barely remember to put it on? I have a few simple tips that can make sure you stay on top of it:

  1. If your product comes in a box, write the date that you opened it on the box, and keep the box in your makeup drawer. 
  2. No box? Keep a little stash of small labels and a pen in your drawer, and write the date and stick it on the wand or bottle or compact.
  3. If your smart phone is where you prefer to stash all your deets, start a note page called “Makeup Dates,” or type it in your calendar.

Besides, fresh-out-of-the-package mascara day should be celebrated!

Robin has over 20 years of retail and marketing industry experience. She loves to share her shopping expertise and inside information on where and how to get the most for your money and time.