Don’t Cook Your Canada Goose

It seems that virtually everyone has a winter parka with a fur collar these days. Last night at the mall, I almost envisioned an army of identically uniformed people marching around in virtually the same coat. Whether or not you choose a jacket with real fur or one that has fake fur—and fake fur looks so good these days, it’s hard to tell which is which—make sure you take care of it so it doesn’t look like something the cat coughed up. Whether or not it’s real or fake, avoid putting it in the dryer.

If you get your fur collar wet, try to let it dry naturally, or hit it lightly with a hairdryer. You can even comb it gently to fluff it out if it gets matted. If your hood detaches from your jacket, make sure you take it off before you throw it in the washing machine or dryer, since the heat will cause man-made fur to melt. And melted fake fur never, ever looks good.

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