The other day, my sister-in-law pulled out her new smart phone and I noticed it said she had 400+ new emails. I laughed and asked her if she never checked her accounts and she said that the 400+ was for THAT DAY ONLY! She explained it was all her junk mail and things she signed up for, but since there were so many, she had a hard time keeping on top of it. Being an avid signer-upper for pretty much every contest/deal/retailer/gossip daily around, I knew her pain. That’s why I have set up an email account strictly for those types of notifications. In fact, I have three: one for personal stuff (like my kid’s school, etc.), one for business, and one for everything else. The bonus with having a junk-specific email account is that that is where most of the real spam gets filtered, so you won’t be inundated with penis-enlargement info or dating sites . . . unless you actually signed up for those.

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