Lunchbox Snacks Made Easy

Tired of digging through boxes in your pantry for lunchtime snacks when each of your kids likes something different? Make life easier by creating a snack basket/bin for each child. Their favourites will be in there, so all you have to do is choose something from each child's basket instead of trying to remember who likes what. You can do the same in the refrigerator with their favourite yogurt/cheese and other refrigerated snacks.

The bonusyour kids don’t make a mess looking for what they like, and you can easily delegate lunch-making duties, since everything is organized.

Photo from Dreamstime.com

I'm a 40 something Mom with two little boys who keep me crazy busy.  I love being a parent and since it took so long to become one, I know just how very lucky we are.  My boys have allergies so that creates some challenges for us but we work with it. 

I live in the suburbs and even though I have a crazy insane 2 hour commute - each way - it's worth living where we do.  We can afford a house here, with big yard, a little school and an amazing community.  It doesn't get much better than this.