Make Sure Your Ground Beef Doesn't Go To Waste

We've all done it. You see a great sale on ground beef and buy double only to have your great deal tossed in the garbage because you forgot that the great deal is shoved to the back of the fridge until it's just past "good" and you feel a double pang of "BOGO" guilt. Not fun.

Well, fret no more. Simply cook the ground beef right away. Chop an onion, add some freshly cracked black pepper, and, voilà, you are all set. Then you can freeze the cooked beef or you can use it in dishes over the next few days. There are very few recipes that call for ground beef which will not be enhanced by the onion and you have not only saved your hard earned money, but you have also banked yourself some solid "prep time" for the next Taco Tuesday or Farfalle Friday!


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