Waiting Rooms Can Be Fun With This Simple Game

by: elisa k

Waiting rooms can be a nightmare with kidsespecially if you haven't lugged a bag of entertainment for each and don't want to relinquish your smartphone.

Play the Magazine Game! I made this up about a year ago, and now my boys (5 and 3) look forward to waiting rooms. Every waiting room has a stack of magazines. I have my boys each pick a magazine. I take a quick flip through and find an easily identifiable imagelike a car, a pumpkin, a robot. I give them the magazines and tell them each what image to find. Sometimes they make a race of it, sometimes they share the same magazine and help each other out, sometimes they look independently of each other, and sometimes I make it hard (but not too hard, or they lose interest). It's a fine line between time-filler and torment!

It can literally keep their attention for half an houreven through an appointment, as it keeps them focused and quiet.

Hmmmm . . . focused and quiettwo adjectives I never expected I'd utter in regards to my boys.

And here's something else you should always keep on hand for those times you have to wait. 

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