An Easy Way To Get Rid Of Ticks

Spring is here and here is a safe and easy way to remove ticks where they automatically withdraw themselves off you, your children and/or your pets if you follow these simple instructions.

Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball.

Cover the tick with the soap-soaked cotton ball and swab it for 15-20 seconds.

The tick will come out on its own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away.

This technique has worked every time I've used it (which was frequently) and it's much less traumatic for the patient, not to mention, easier for me.

This is a great alternative because it works in those places where it's sometimes difficult to get to with tweezers between toes, and in the middle of dark head of hair etc. Also, if you just pull a tick off, their heads sometimes break off and are left under the skin so this is much safer.

Be aware that a tick with a white speck on its back is a Deer Tick. These can cause Tick Fever so check yourself and your family good if you see any of these!