Be Prepared For Winter Driving Emergencies

Ever end up in the ditch? You're driving in winter conditions and before you know it your vehicle is off the road and you are stranded. It's not something that will happen every day, but when it does you'll want to have completed this simple little step: enter two or three tow truck company phone numbers into your cell phone contacts.

A few years back when I ended up in the ditch on my way back into the city I was lucky enough that my husband was home to liaise the calls between me and the tow companies, but it was still a challenge to point out my location and took a lot more time to get the help I needed. I was wishing for these phone numbers on hand.

Now I have a few tow truck companies listed under my contacts and know that in a crazy snow storm I won't be waiting to reach a family member, waiting on hold with a busy tow company with no other options, and just plain old waiting too long in a ditch—I'll have access to the info.

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