2012 YMC Contest Winners

Have you entered a YMC contest lately? Find out if you've won by checking out our current Winners’ Circle.

Below you will find all of YMC's 2012 winners. 

  YMC Tip of the Month Winners: $100 for Best Tip

December 2012: Christine Dube, Plympton, Nova Scotia

November 2012: Cheryl Germain, Nanaimo, BC
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October 2012: Marion Knutson, North York, ON
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September 2012: Linda Webster, Surrey, BC
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August 2012: Annabelle DeGouveia, Toronto, ON
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July 2012: Lori Jolliffe, Chilliwack, BC
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June 2012: Deanne Ferguson, Edmonton, AB
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May 2012: Leah Leitch, Grand Valley, ON
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  Win a Winter Footwear Prize Pack from Tender Tootsies

Contest Closed December 18, 2012

Prize Winner

Debbie Starkey, Porters Lake, NS

  Win an Orville Redenbacher Prize Pack

Contest Closed November 22, 2012

Prize Winner

Amy Evans, Guelph, ON

  Win Lunch for a Month Prize Pack (Fruit Krisps)

Contest Closed November 19, 2012

Prize Winners

Louise Burns, Orangeville, ON

  Win an $800 MyDuo Stroller from Stroll-Air

Contest Closed December 3, 2012

Prize Winner

Joanne Lowery, Petrolia, ON

  Win a LeapsterGS

Contest Closed October 19, 2012

Prize Winners

Lori Holt, Ottawa, ON
Megan Stuart-Martel, Ingleside, ON

  Win a LeapPad2

Contest Closed December 2, 2012

Prize Winners

Gillian Hughes, Stony Plain, AB
Rebecca Roushorne-Lau, Brights Grove, ON

YMC / Oh Baby at the Toronto Baby Times Show - $799 UPPAbaby Stroller

Contest Closed November 11, 2012

Prize Winners

Lexy and Frank Catania, Etobicoke, ON

  Win a Thomas & Friends Prize Pack Valued at $50

Contest Closed October 22, 2012

Prize Winners

Ann Demill, Brighton, ON
Ritchie Annand, Calgary, AB
Carol Van Egmond, Okanagan Falls, BC
Barbara Behan, Powell River, BC
Chris Creamer, Charlottetown, PEI

  Win a $750 Dishwasher From Frigidaire

Contest Closed November 7, 2012

Prize Winner

Gayle Bellemare, Barrie, ON

  Win a $2200 Double Oven From Frigidaire

Contest Closed October 24, 2012

Prize Winner

Truly Dubourdieu, Oshawa, ON

  Win a $2200 Double Oven From Frigidaire

Contest Closed October 24, 2012

Prize Winner

Truly Dubourdieu, Oshawa, ON

  Win a $650 of Tram Footwear For the Whole Family

Contest Closed September 25, 2012

Prize Winner

Haifa Staiti, Toronto, ON


Contest Closed July 30, 2012

Prize Winner

David Jung, Vancouver, BC


Contest Closed July 16, 2012

Prize Winners

Tracy Ilnisky, Great Plains, MB
Deanna Carney, Baden, ON
Pamela Tamming, Sarnia, ON


Contest Closed August 14, 2012

Grand Prize Winner

Pat Davis, Abbottsford, BC

Secondary Winners

Karen Pimentel, Orangeville, ON
Kyle Dubourdieu, Oshawa, ON
Catherine Cole, Long Reach, NB
Shelley Dyck, Airdrie, AB
Laurie MacNeil, Cleveland, NS
Dian Anderson
Patricia Harrison, Victoria, BC
Azim Hajee, Kitchener, ON
T Alexander, Pasadena, NL


Contest Closed May 21, 2012

Prize Winners

Alexandra Knowles, Windsor Junction, NS
Ashley Salt, Ottawa, ON
Cathy Canton, Ottawa, ON
Chris Wray, Barrie, Ontario
Christina Dragan, Mississauga, ON
Cynthia Booton, Sechelt, BC
Donna Asselin, Cornwall, ON
Francois Lavoie, Orleans, ON
Ginger Gervais, Surrey, BC
Kathleen Chapman, Hope, BC
Kristine Hibbs, Goulds, NL
Leah Leitch, Hanover, Ontario
Manuel Vizcaya, Kitchener, ON
Nicole Catojo, Chelmsford, ON
Sarah Marie Lennox, Georgetown, ON
Shelly Nelson, Waterloo, Ontario
Silvana Bianca Cox, Edmonton, AB
Skye McKinnon, Toronto, ON
Suzanne Weller, Canmore, AB
Trish Borg, Oakville, ON

  We’ve Teamed up with Shell to Give Away $800 in Free Gas

Contest Closed July 8, 2012

Grand Prize Winner: $500

Laura Hemingson Saskatoon, SK

Second Place Winners: $100

Leanne Shellington, London, ON
Heather Bush, Hamilton, ON

Third Place Winners: $50

Cassandra Casley, North Vancouver, BC
Debbie Flynn, Maple Ridge BC

  Win a YMC Weekend at Cleveland’s House Resort

Contest Closed June 14, 2012

Prize Winner

Denna Rancourt, Cargill, ON

  YMC UPS Mompreneur Winners

Contest Closed June 11, 2012

Grand Prize Winner

Janet Weldon, Kitchener, ON

Second Prize Winners

Sara R. Cohen, Toronto, ON
Melissa Vroon, Calgary, Alberta
Clare Kumar, Toronto, ON
Karyn Climans, Toronto, ON
Alex Yates, Victoria BC

  Win a $100 Gift Pack of Cleaning Products from P&G

Contest Closed May 31, 2012

Prize Winners

Nicole Miller, Toronto,On
Sherry Sangster, Strathmore, AB
Sharleen Nielsen, Halifax, NS
Katharine Holmes, Sooke BC
Lisa Ferreira, Whitby, ON

  Win a Week at Camp Green Acres

Contest Closed May 28, 2012

Prize Winner

Alexandra Doss-Collbran, Toronto, ON

  Win an Activity Tracking Sensor from Tractivity

Contest Closed June 24, 2012

Prize Winners

Suky Kooner
Nadeem Hajee
Michael Burniston
Sharon Bledsoe
Charlene Gutoskie
Yvonne Nelson
Ali Digney
Gord Nixon
Boe Waight
David Thompson

  Win Krown Rust Proofing for your Car and a $150 Gas Card

Contest Closed June 14, 2012

Krown Rust Proofing and $150.00 Gas Card Winner

Natalie Salloum, Victoria, BC

Second Prize: $100.00 Gas Card and aerosal can of Krown Rust Control Winners

Bee Low, Coquitlam, BC
Nick Aloe, Toronto,Ontario
Penny Routledge, Victoria, BC
Debra Bashford, Cherry Valley, ON
Terry Mac, London, ON

  We’re Giving Away $800 in Shell Gift Cards

Contest Closed September 9, 2012

Grand Prize Winner: $500 Gas Gift Card

Mary Dolph, Foxboro, ON

Second Place Winners: $100 Gas Gift Card

Chantal Lapierre, Nepean, ON
Raquel Molzahn, Punnichy, SK

Third Place Winners: $50 Gas Gift Card

Nicole Bonito, Ottawa, ON
Donna Durie, Toronto, ON

  Win a $10,000 Secret Vacation From Pizza Hut

Contest Closed September 13, 2012

Grand Prize Winner

Hayley Malloy, Oshawa, ON