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YMC 2016 Editorial Calendar



submissions due Nov. 30 
A Fresh Start 
  • Home organization
  • How you conquered a personal challenge
  • Setting Goals
  • Revamping your health habits 


submissions due Dec. 30 
Love & Sex 
  • Building personal relationships
  • Romantic pursuits
  • Loving YOURSELF 
  • Being Single on Valentine's Day 


submissions due Jan. 30 
Busting March Blah's 
  • Great Rain Gear
  • Hibernation busters 


submissions due Feb. 28 


submissions due Mar. 30 


submissions due Apr. 30 


submissions due May 30 
Proud to be Canadian 
  • Swim and beach
  • BBQ Blitz



submissions due June 30 
  • Birthday Parties
  • Rainy-day activities



submissions due July 30 
  • Labour Day Road Trips
  • Childcare options
  • After-school snacks



submissions due Aug. 30 
  • Halloween
  • Winter Sports
  • Food: Freezer-friendly foods
  • Winter style



submissions due Sept. 30 
  • Holiday entertaining and party foods
  • Little black dresses and getting dressed up



submissions due Oct. 30 
Holiday Baking
Holiday fashion and style — what to wear to all of those December parties


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