My Heart My Self
At 39 my busy-working-mom life changed forever, literally and figuratively.
Best gifts I gave myself as a mom
I consider the three gifts I’m about to share with you my all-time mom-gift winners.
We can tell our daughters every day that they are smart, beautiful, funny, and kind, but the goal is for them to hear it and most importantly, to believe it.
I Didn’t Even Think I Was Sexually Harassed
The emotional dangers of dismissing your experience because nothing 'terrible' happened.
Perimenopause |
You're going to become friends with the meanest woman on the block and there's nothing you can do about it.
Space Program for Women
The the Russian Space Program attempt at equality takes feminism back a giant leap.
robotic programs for girls
These girls fought the "No girls allowed" rule and won.
Nothing in the world is certain except death and taxes and the need for warm footwear during Canadian winters.