When your child spends time in the NICU it can leave a lasting impact on the parents.
She is much older than I and her life has taken her down a very different path. But we have something in common. We are both mothers.
In this moment of darkness and silence, I can almost feel their heartbeat. It’s in this moment that I often find myself in awe of the fact that they are mine.
I struggle with feeling like a complete failure when I can’t do something perfectly.
Why we don't do sleepovers in our family
Judge me if you want but I'm not letting my kids sleep over at another person's house.
Why are other people always telling me what is good for my marriage and family?
Do People Still Use Babysitters?
Has my generation ruined it for the part-time babysitter?
I still have to work harder to prove myself because I am perceived as young. It’s opened my eyes to just how much our society discriminates based on age.