Confused about allowances? Not sure how to get your kids to do chores? Maureen's got it covered.
42. It's how many outfits my family wears in a week. That works out to 210 articles of clothing per week, not including pj's…
I don’t want my daughter in a relationship where the domestic chores automatically fall to her because A) she’s female and B) she simply knows how to do them.
Wives aren't the only ones with no trust in their husbands, most men are quick to give up the chase when faced with something on their "honey do" list.
messy room, messy house
I used to be a neat freak. Now my kids eat standing up because there's no room at the table.
men doing housework
It's not how much he gets paid but what he does that determines the amount of housework your man will do.