Whether your home office is the head office of your business or your household, operating costs shouldn't overwhelm you.
Phones are essential for running a business. What you may not know is two phone lines may be better than one. Here's why.
by: YMC
It's cold and flu season, and I'm not qualified to talk about home remedies, but what I can tell you about the season is that it means days of working from home.
Stop working at the kitchen table. You deserve your own space. Here's how to set up a home office of your own.
by: YMC
Ever wake up ready for a productive day, but as you enter your office you lose the feeling? Your home office's Feng Shui might be out of whack!
Planning to work from home? Get creative and discover crafts and games to entertain the kids while you work.
There comes a time when you have to move out of the home office and into a REAL office, one with official office hours and a separate phone bill.
The right systems and the tools will help get the job done.