This Is What It Was Like To Be A Child In The 1940s
A grandmother reflects on her childhood and the big difference between past and present generations.
An eye-opening look at how childhoods from the past are so completely different from the childhoods of today.
Parents and Kids School Projects
Parents, teachers aren't fooled; they can smell your "help" a mile off.
It begs the question: is it up to courts to protect us from ourselves?
following the school bus to school
Spill It! Is following your child’s bus to school a smart safety move or helicopter parenting at its finest?
Is leaving a 6-year-old girl and 9-year-old boy at the park being a free-range parent or a felony?
Stop coddling, hovering and helicoptering. It's time we let kids be kids.
Erica Ehm at Kennebec Camp
You can limit the number of hours your kids are in front of a screen, but if we don't let them roam free, what the heck will they do to fill those hours?
by: Erica Ehm