I really wish it had not been assumed that I was at a stage in life where receiving black, lacy incontinence underpants as gifts would make me happy.
She feels more and more like the child in the relationship. I’m not sure who is more surprised that it’s no longer her looking after me.
We sit down, I hand him 40 napkins and say “Okay. We can eat on the new couch but PLEASE be careful.” Then we watch Netflix. Welcome to my Saturday night.
I’ve learned enough about life to know that what I know is a drop in the bucket compared to what I don't know.
Getting older isn't for sissies.
What to Do About Cellulite | YummyMummyClub.ca
What does a top model do when a photograph reveals her cellulite? This.
I'm still 25 where it counts.... right? Oh, crap.
Age is just a number. I'm still 25 where it counts.... right?