Top 10 Must-Haves for Working at Home

The Dream Home Office Wish List

Working at home definitely has its perks: taking your morning coffee break with the kids, the proximity to your favorite creature comforts and of course, the ability to check off a few household to-do's between work tasks.

It has (just) a few drawbacks. The complete lack of a private workspace because of course, your office is everyone's office. The mystery goo left on your desk in a wad of tissues—is it gum or is it (eew) fresh boogers? The invasion of noise of every imaginable type—from cartoons to contractors.

That's why we came up with our list of must-haves for working at home (besides a locking door and earplugs) to help you turn your work-at-home dream into a reality when the real reality kicks in. Our top picks for a dream office wish list (in no particular order):

Carla is the proud (and totally biased) mother of one very precocious daughter, a loving wife to one very lucky husband, and a supporter of moms everywhere who want to build a lifestyle business that gives them the flexibility to work-from-home and raise a family.

She is a believer that the best business training isn’t in the classroom or the boardroom, but the playroom where she hones her business skills on a daily basis. Want marketing help? Try upselling a toddler on carrot sticks instead of cookies. Need to negotiate a contract? Try talking a reluctant preschooler into washing her hair.

She shares her time management, motivation and practical business tips for mom entrepreneurs as well as the trials and tribulations of balancing work, family and a little bit of playtime for mommy at MOMeo, an online resource publication for work-at-home moms.