One (or More!) of These Ontario Summer Holiday Spots is Perfect for Your Family

From Casual and Rustic to Top-Drawer All Inclusive, these Ontario Vacation Spots Hit the Mark

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Owning a lakefront cottage is a dream come true, but for the bulk of us, it's still in the, well, the "dream" part. But just because you don't have the deed to a place of your own is no reason to miss out on the wonders of Ontario's Muskoka region or other north of the city locales. 

We've got five great Ontario family holiday destinations and they range from rustic and quaint to the utmost in full-service all-inclusive luxury, so we know that one of the spots will hit the spot for your group. 

And if you're headed north, check out for all the incredible tourist destinations and "Must-See's" for your time away - from brewery tours and cranberry bogs (with wine!) to Lake Muskoka Steamboat tours on 100+ year old operational steamboats, to too many festivals to name, part of getting there (and back!) can and should be part of the fun. 

If you can't get away this summer, fall and winter don't bring limitations to Muskoka family holidays; they bring additional layers of fun with many resorts offering winter pursuits and more family adventure. Check websites for seasonal details. 

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