Transcript of What Really Happens When Parents Try to Have Secret Sex

It's a game played by exhausted parents around the country—trying to have sex without your kids barging in.

It's a game. A high-stakes, no-mistakes game of cat and mouse. A game requiring steely nerves and cunning strategy. A forbidden game that many adults are forced by nature to play.

A game known to scores of parental units as Secret S-E-X... Shhhhh...

Ah, yes, the Secret... shhhhhhhh... Sex Sessions.

Here's a typical transcript:

"What are the kids doing?"

"I set the up with a video. We're good..."

"Got 'em a snack?"


"Poured Ava some milk?"


"Why are you wearing so many clothes?"

"Come here you."

*mmmmmm... smmmmooch... mmmm*

"Do you hear something?"

"What? No..."

*MmMMmmMmmm... smoooooooch*

"Did you lock the door?"


"The door?...Did you lock it..."

"No..." *mmmmmm... smooch*

"Can you?"

"Okay, okay... geez. There. All locked up..."

"You sure...?"

"Of course, I'm sure..."

"Come here big guy. You look stiff. Do you need a rub?"

"Yes please..."


"What was that?"

*MMMMMM* "...What?"

[Loud hoarse whisper] "I thought you said you locked the door?"

"I'm sure I...oh crap..."

"Someone's coming! Get off..."

"I was trying..."


[Mom's nice voice] "Hi, honey what do you need?"

This Saturday's score...The Kids 1 - Mummy and Daddy 0.

Next Saturday's game postponed due to a trip to grandma's house.




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