The 10 Habits that Make a Healthy Family

These are the ties that truly bind...

The people we traditionally refer to as ‘family’ are usually people who we didn’t choose. We are born or adopted into our childhood ‘birth’ families. When we do go on to create our own families as adults, we may choose our partners, but we inherit our in-laws (along with holidays starring your husband’s crazy cousin Eddie). Even the children we bear eventually grow to have minds and choices of their own – choices we inevitably don’t have a say in.

Bottom line? We will hurt one another, we will become resentful, jealous, or angry at some point or another. So how do we navigate the tricky business of promoting the health and wellbeing of our families when we don't have that choice in who we're related to? It’s not easy. It requires ongoing effort, reflection, adjustment, and flexibility. Here are 10 conventional - but arguably most vital - habits practiced by families that are mostly happy.



Natasha Sharma is a therapist, happiness expert, TV/media spokesperson, speaker, and psychology doctoral student. She is also the author of The Kindness Journal  a guided daily journal for cultivating happiness and a more positive outlook in life. Natasha is devoted to inspiring and helping others become happier and feel more fulfilled. She founded the Toronto clinic NKS Therapy in 2012.

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