150 Reasons You Might Be Canadian

December 31st marks the end of Canada 150, and what a year it’s been!

December 31st marks the end of Canada 150, and what a year it’s been! From the arrival of 40 majestic tall ships to the St. Lawrence at Rendez-Vous 2017 to royalty on Parliament Hill to celebratory pow-wows, our nation has celebrated this historical landmark from sea to sea to sea.

To say sayonara to this momentous year, we thought we’d reflect with a list of 150 Canadian-isms that make us who we are. Without further ado:

You might be Canadian if…

1. You’ve sent your kids to school with socks on their hands

2. You’ve spotted a polar bear in Churchill

3. You consider poutine a well-balanced meal

4. You have fond memories of the Summer of '69 even though you were not born yet.

5. You’ve attended the Calgary Stampede

6. You’ve gotten sticky eating a Queue de Castor

7. You’re mourning the ‘Wishbook’

8. You’ve ever referred to summer footwear as ‘thongs’

9. You know ‘bunny hug’ has more to do with fashion than an animal embrace

10. You recently mourned a Canadian legend with extraordinary ‘Courage’

11. You’ve debated whether winning the lottery and dying the next day is ‘Ironic’ by definition

12. You have a large hidden stash of Celine Dion CD’s

13. You’ve planted a tree in BC

14. You’ve slipped on ice on the way to work holding a tray full of double-doubles

15. You have pictures of your kids with the world’s biggest something-or-other

16. You’ve watched horses dancing with men in cherry red suits on their backs

17. You’ve smudged

18. You’ve shopped at the forks market

19. At least 75% of your household members have frozen their tongue to something metal

20. You respect the conversational magic of ending a sentence in ‘eh?’

21. You think fondly of the Quebec Nordiques

22. You celebrated the 1993 World Series

23. You can’t spell toque? Touque? Tuque?

24. You know what a ‘mickey’ is and you’ve indulged in one

25. You delighted on maple toffee in a sugar shack

26. You’ve drunk too much at a ‘stag’ or ‘stagette’

27. The following are household names: Gordon Pinsent, Paul Gross, Molly Parker

28. You have a soft spot for Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles

29. You know which country has the best view of Niagara Falls

30. You’ve gone for a stroll in Stanley Park

31. You can sing your national anthem in 2 languages (and the US's anthem too, thanks to hockey)

32. You can spell Saskatchewan

33. You can name the Great Lakes

34. You kissed a fish and ‘screeched in’

35. You’ve skied Lake Louise, Sunshine, or Whistler

36. You ‘got’ Due South

37. You’ve attended Tom Jackson’s ‘The Huron Carol’

38. You can finish this sentence, ‘New Orleans is sinking, man, and…”

39. You had a crush on Jonathan Torrins

40. You’ve gotten wet and wild at West Edmonton Mall

41. You’ve participated in a bath tub race

42. You’ve seen the northern lights

42. You’re no stranger to bannock

43. Your family rode the rails at ‘Canada’s Wonderland’

44. Growing up, you thought the most famous person on the planet was Wayne Gretzky

45. You know ketchup to be the superior flavour (with a ‘u’) of potato chips

46. A cup of ‘Red Rose’ will see you through your darkest hour

47. You love yourself a good Rick Mercer rant…

48. Even though sometimes Rick Mercer drives you crazy

49. You saw ‘Men with Brooms’ six times. In theatre

50. You’ve strained your neck looking at the CN Tower

51. You know there’s no more thrilling way to get soaked than on the Maid of the Mist

52. You’ve never needed to dream of a white Christmas

53. The highlight of your parade experience is a giant snowman

54. You’ve skated on the Rideau canal

55. You’ve dutifully tried snowshoeing only to confirm that it is, in fact, just walking around awkwardly on snow

56. You’ve walked the Columbia ice fields

57. You’ve been arrested for getting past the official body guard of the Stanley Cup

58. You’ve gone for a wild ride on a ‘crazy carpet’

59. You’ve experienced 24 daylight

60. Your favourite cocktail has clam juice in it

61. You insist on buying Hawkins instead of Cheetos

62. You’ve walked the ocean floor at the home of the highest tides in the world

63. You’ve seen a ‘baby beluga’ on the St. Lawrence

64. You’ve enjoyed Tourtiere on Christmas Eve

65. You’ve had a Grey Cup party

66. You eat all of the Coffee Crisps out of your kids’ Hallowe’en candy guilt-free

67. You’ve seen a wolf-eel at Ripley’s

68. Your idea of wild game includes bear, moose, elk, and deer

69. You’ve spent a night in an igloo…

70. Or a tipi

71. Your idea of the ultimate victory is scoring the ‘Nanaimo Bar’ at a funeral luncheon

72. Your deepest darkest pantry shelf is full of KD

73. You’ve picked Saskatoon berries

74. Upon hearing the words, “Down by the bay…” you immediately burst into a song about watermelons

75. You’ve celebrated the ‘Sourdough Rendezvous Festival’

76. You’ve purchased something of the ‘President’s Choice’

77. You’ve googled ‘What are the northern lights’ more times than you can count

78. You cried when Eaton’s closed…

79. And Zellers

80. You judge the suitability of a Halloween costume on its ability to hide a snowsuit underneath it

81. You’ve laughed a Ron and Don…

82. and cringed at Ron and Don

83. You’ve crossed the world’s longest bridge

84. You know the only thing worse than a bear in the bush is a moose on the road

85. You had a crush on Megan Follows

86. You’ve attended a rodeo

87. You erect an inukshuk any chance you get

88. You’re a proud HBC shopper

89. You can name the original 6 teams

90. You’ve ridden a skidoo to work

91. You’ve worn long underwear in May

92. You loathe the bi-annual exchange of winter and summer tires

93. You grew up watching Canada AM

94. You’ve got a can of bear spray in the garage

95. You described the distance to the next town in hours

96. You’ve shouted the word ‘Mush Mush’ to rear end of a dog

97. You’ve started a heated conversation with the following words, “I was listening to CBC this morning and…”

98. You let your kids bust out their summer gear when the temperature is still in the single digits

99. You’re thankful for your block heater

100. You can cite the connection between Kapuskasing and “The Terminator”

101. You attended Expo '86

102. You’ve used your air-conditioning and central heating in the same day

103. You know the significance of a certain cable to the quaint town of ‘Heart’s Content’

104. You owned a Canada 125 T-shirt

105. You know who Frederick Banting is and couldn’t be prouder of his Nobel Prize

106. You’ve spent a day in the rainiest city in North America (Abbotsford)…

107. And the sunniest (Calgary)

108. You’ve tried lobster trapping

109. You know the historical significance of the name “Bell Telephone Company”

110. Whenever you’re pondering the ‘nature of things,’ you consult David Suzuki

111. You know who actually wrote ‘Hallelujah’

112. You collected pledges for the Terry Fox Run

113. You know the connection between chocolate and the War of 1812

114. You’ve ridden in a combine

115. You’ve stayed in a hotel built by the Canadian National Railway

116. You’ve engaged in a civilized battle for a campsite at a national park in January

117. You’ve seen the Capilano River from 70m up

118. You’ve put away your winter clothes at Easter and lived to regret it

119. You cheered on the fastest man in the world in 1996

120. You wonder who needs a fourth down anyway

121. You’ve cheered on Clara Hughes, Sandra Schmirler, Cindy Klassen, Marc Gagnon, and Francois Louis Tremblay

122. You consider ‘Ragged Ass Road’ to be a totally acceptable name for a place. Or a song.

123. You’ve wondered why its called ‘Vancouver Island’

124. You’ve answered the question, “Whadda y’at?”

125. You know ‘Three Sisters’ isn't made of rock

126. You can pronounce ‘Kluane’

127. Or Iqualuit

128. You own the DVD box set of Corner Gas

129. You went spelunking in a ghost town

130. Forget Australia. You know where the REAL densest population of snakes lives.

131. You’ve crossed the longest border in the world…

132. Or dipped our toe in one, two, or three oceans along the world’s longest coast line

133. You know what the Canadarm is and what it does

134. You’ve watched a military re-enactment on Signal Hill

135. You grew up watching Casey and Finnigan

136. You’ve turned your back on all of North America at Cape Spear

137. You can name 10 prime ministers in 30 seconds. GO!

138. You’ve finished a drink with a human toe at the bottom. Thank you very much Dawson City

139. You’ve packed flip flops and a tuque for the same destination

140. You’ve had your picture taken at the world’s first UFO landing pad

141. You’ve driven under an overpass designed for wildlife

142. You’re proud of Canada’s connection to the Underground Railway

143. You know which Canadian city’s wildlife inspired the name ‘Winnie the Pooh’

144. You employ the occasional extra ‘u’ in spelling

145. You prefer to call him Rudolph the red-nosed caribou

146. You know the best part of summer is the arrival of the BC cherries

147. You’ve personally supported the rising of Canada to the status of super-power in wine world

148. You’ve marvelled at the agelessness of Peter Mansbridge

149. You have a soft spot for old Marilla Cuthbert

150. You celebrated our great nation in your own way in 2017


Wishing you and your family a very happy New Year. May you prosper in Canada 151!




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Adele Paul is a blogger, editor, and mom of three. The only thing she likes better than a breakfast date with her besties is 8 PM cuddle time at her Saskatoon home. Find her at www.tuesdaysisters.com.