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Sleep issues at age 5 are more common than you think.
The Myth of the Strong Woman
How did this myth come to be, and should it be dispelled?

Need a great breakfast hack? These 5 minute healthy Apple Oatmeal Muffin Waffles are the perfect grab-and-go food. Yes, you can cook a muffin recipe in your waffle iron! | YMC |
Yes, you can cook muffins in your waffle iron - in 5 minutes flat.
by: Paula Roy
We are not complete and total failures. Here's how to get help when you need it.

8 Amazing Reasons to Travel Across Ontario This Winter
If you've ever thought that an Ontario winter adventure was too cold, boring, or too close to home, this is about to change your mind.
It's hard to think of all the dangers on your own sometimes. Here's some helpful resources to help you make your yard, home and car a little safer.
Drew Barrymore with kids at Disney
Not even superstar status can stop your kid from having a meltdown.
The right wing is trying to appeal to youth with drinking games.