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There are extreme cases where people can’t leave their home, but most agoraphobes are outside, interacting with the rest of the world.
The best thing about this? It can be started at any age, even as young as one month old.

Tara asked her child if they were being bullied, and her child indicated the kid at school wasn’t bullying them, they just obviously didn’t like them.
Boys watching TV
I assume my parents were home on weekend mornings when I was a kid, but I have no memories of it.

I am very much of the mindset that we should be open with our children about their bodies and about puberty.
Classic Teen Movies
Want to start a conversation with your teen? Make a date to watch one of these movies.
Piercing for headache treatment |
Who knew shoving metal through your cartilage could REDUCE pain?!
Why insist on doing things in a way that is irrefutably less safe simply because doing it that way did not kill you?