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I want my children to know that an activist is someone that fights for what’s right, even when it feels like the world is against them.
Using the proper “tool” for the job is necessary for success. And now you can win, too!

This is the joy of ten. Maturity and innocence wrapped into one. And I am loving it.
In the age of #MeToo, people often ask why a victim of sexual assault didn’t just leave, or say no more aggressively. This is why.

Get Your Jam On: The Unexpected Bliss in Canning
Here's a great idea to add bliss to your life: Make some JAM.
I hate where I am. Why is it so taboo to say I hate my body?
I have yet to meet a teacher who thinks it’s an effective tool at illustrating the success of the curriculum and the way it’s being taught. Most hate it.
Watch these retro teen movies with your kids and see how they stand up against today's flicks.