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Why is my baby crying
Four easy steps to (hopefully) reduce a baby's crying
Breast cancer diagnosis while pregnant
I wasn't prepared for the moment I found out I had breast cancer, especially since I was 36 - and 30 weeks pregnant.

Good friends are hard to find. Sometimes, too many times, as kids we think we’ve found our BFF only to find out we were wrong.
I am not in the market for expensive products. I am interested in your life, not in your latest special.

You won't believe what you can accomplish in only 10 minutes.
Remember sticker books? Who hasn’t sat down with friends and compared sticker collections?
All you're doing is making it more likely you get infections.
getting kids to sleep on their own
The best antidote to sleep deprivation is laughter. These ten tips will help your kids sleep through the night and maybe even get your roof re-shingled.