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Motherhood Unfiltered

We are the sandwich generation. Being the caregiver for others is part of who we are; but we also need to care for ourselves.
Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m surrounded by ghosts. Not of the Casper variety, or even the Victorian maiden wandering the halls at night.

Do you ever take your kids out of school for a fun day? Why or why not?
By the time I was full-term, I resembled less a pregnant woman and more human beach ball. I was extremely uncomfortable, and surprisingly very itchy.

Organizing Your Bedroom
Your bedroom should be a soft place to land, so don't let household chaos take over; tame it!
My daughter was dancing around the living room as soon as she could walk, so as soon as she hit two and a half, we signed her up for dance.
Lately, I’ve been slacking on reading. I find the commitment of a novel daunting when added to all of the reading I need to do for work.
Some might say “Embrace them and flaunt your stuff!” But that just wasn’t me.