Get Your Sh*t Together: Today We Vanquish Your Laundry Demons

Bye Bye Laundry Woes. Don't Let the Door Hit Your A$$ on the Way Out.

When it comes to getting your sh*t together, it’s often the ongoing/never-ending tasks that bog us down and hinder our ability to just do it. Things like cooking dinner, grocery shopping, and the dear-heaven-does-it-ever-end laundry.

Who says, “I can’t wait to get home and tuck into a huge pile of smelly, sweat-damp clothes because lugging heavy swaying baskets down the stairs or to the laundromat REALLY completes me?

People who need to seriously reassess their lives, that’s who.

The best tip I can give you about getting your (laundry) sh*t together is this: accept your laundry reality. There will always be laundry. Embrace it or go naked, and that’s not really an option given our Canadian climate. Think about how great clean clothes feel against your skin. We all know the feeling of crisp clean sheets at night – that feeling should be your daytime, too!

Okay; let’s get this sh*t done.