The Care and Keeping of a "Green" Vagina

(Or: How to Keep Your Lady Bits Eco-Conscious)

Green, enviro-friendly, and eco-conscious are phrases that get thrown around a lot. But what do they mean? What does it look like to live a life that is good for you and good for the earth?

The key is in sustainability. Being eco-conscious really means being aware of what we’re buying, why we’re buying it, where it’s coming from, how it is being manufactured, and what its overall environmental footprint cost is. Something of lower quality, made from non-renewal resources in far-away countries by poorly treated workers, shipped to us one $25 order + free shipping at a time clearly leaves a bigger footprint – especially if it breaks and is disposed of after five uses -

than something higher quality, made locally from renewal resources, and built to last years.

Does this mean we all need to grow our own food, harvest our own cotton, and spin our own clothes off a loom? No. But it does mean we can and should be mindfully conscious about how, why, and where we shop, and what we buy while we’re there.

Sexual health is no exception: every choice we make about caring for and sharing our most intimate selves is connected to a much larger context… plus it’s super fun - and a little bit cheeky (pun intended) - to bring up over cocktails.

So here you go: the top five subjects on how to keep your sexual health eco conscious.

P.S. Although I can’t guarantee a sustainable sex (wish I could), I can certainly vouch for the sustainable nature of these tips, tricks, and products to keep your vagina green and clean… at least until you’re ready to get dirty. (Wink, wink.)


Taco enthusiast, lover of vinyl, gazer of stars, and mama of three little girls under six (including twins), Leisse Wilcox is a family lifestyle writer with a background in education and marketing.  She can be found balancing her time between laughing so hard that it hurts, daydreaming about an A frame cabin in the woods, and loving her three little girlies to the moon and back.