Don't Make Your Bed Ever Again

One Gross Reason to Be Lazy

Why You Shouldn't Make Your Bed |

I've never been one to make a bed. What's the point? In about 14 hours I'll be back under the covers making a mess out of the hospital folds I so carefully creased. No thank you. 

My mom on the other hand has never agreed with my philosophy, so this one's for you, mom.

Research agrees it's probably best you don't make your bed. 

That's because of those little dust mites that linger in your sheets. There's 1.5 million little guys roaming around in there at any given time and they breed in damp and warm spaces. 

Science tells us that when you sweat in your sleep and then proceed to cover your bed with your duvet you are actually creating an environment that the dust mites love. 

You can't see me now, but I'm making the wide-eyed emoji face.

You are better off leaving your bed uncovered to give your sheets the chance to dry off. 

The study notes that it's best to leave your bed completely unmade but adds that it's also helpful to wait to make your bed until you get home from work. And seriously, what's the point of that? 

Hear that, mom?

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