Bodies I saw everywhere I went looked nothing like what I've been told mine should look like.
I could see my feet. Things were good. And then we got pregnant.
Abdomens don’t speak, but it was, and it had a lot to say. I sat down and listened because it’s not everyday you hear your parts talking.
We’ve tried to make sure that "do as I say not as I do" doesn't become an adage when it comes to sports. Joining our kids in being active is too important.
This is Why I'm Not Going to the Gym |
Short Story: In January 2016 I joined a gym. Here's why I've never been.
To really see changes in the body and on the scale, it has a lot… A LOT… to do with what we put in our mouth.
The ride home after the game is often a child's least favourite moment in sports.
Paying more buys me safety, companionship, and perhaps most importantly: accountability. Oh, and... it works.