These Easy "Make it & Take It" Holiday Appetizers Will Reduce Your Party Panic Load

Hello, Old El Paso!

It's December something-teen at 6pm, and you've just remembered you promised to take a hot appetizer to a function that, until about 10 minutes ago, you didn't even remember RSVPing "yes" to. And, it's likely that you have little party food stock on hand. You really don't feel like aimlessly roaming the supermarket aisles at this time of day with a head full of hot rollers, plus, you're not wanting to spend an hour in the kitchen once back home. 

We feel ya. We've been there. And so, we are happy to present to you our favourite easy and delcious "Make it and Take it" hot appetizers for your next party panic. THANK YOU, UNKNOWN PERSON, FOR INVENTING OLD EL PASO MINI TACO BOWLS.