Know Your Breakfast Profile

What Your Breakfast Preferences Say About You

what type of breakfast eater are you

We know it's the most important meal of the day  - but that doesn’t take the stress out of making it!  Once you know your breakfast profile, mornings will be easier.

There are three basic profiles. Which one are you?

 The breakfast artist: You need something different and inspired each morning.  This brings joy to your soul, and adds a spring in your step.  

The breakfast drone: You don’t have food creativity in the morning.  You just want to know that there is what you need to get going without having to think about it.

The breakfast truant: You are not hungry, just in a hurry.  You will skip breakfast and grab something later.

Having this information will reduce the number of decisions you need to make in the morning. You can figure out what sorts of things to make or prepare in advance. Remember to consider options which are not typical breakfast foods too.  Think outside North America.

The artist might need to make up a meal chart for the mornings, to get all the exciting ideas on paper.  Perhaps he will prepare a quick crepe batter the night before, with enough batter for a crepe dinner later in the week.  Super way to get fruits into the family, super smart, and super yummy.  Crepes on a weekday???  Wow.  I’m impressed. Made by Dad the Artist? Even better. Make sure to have all the garnishes washed, and prepared the night before so that it all goes off without a hitch.

We are a family of breakfast drones, with two sub-types: cold cereal, hot cereal.  Half pull out their boxes of flakes and milk, the other reheat a portion of steel cut oat porridge.  I make one batch twice a week, and each mixes in maple syrup, milk, or nothing, according to the mood.  One option for the drones who shun novelty at dawn, is to have a specific breakfast on a specific day.  For example, scrambled eggs on Monday, cereal on Tuesday, etc.

I personally have no creativity for food in the morning - there is usually some other form of creativity demanded, such as notice of a bake sale.  Today.

Delinquents are probably not even reading this, but just in case you are curious... If you know you don’t want to deal with breakfast at home, think about making your mid-morning snack at home.  Grab and go with whatever that is.  Muffins, sandwiches (sweet or savoury), fruit, yogurt.  Whatever you like.  Buy yourself a nice lunch bag, with lots of room so you will be tempted to fill it with enough food for your snacks for the day. Invest in a thermos, if you like the idea of hot cereal or scrambled eggs. 

Once you have the tools and the tricks, your breakfast will be what you need it to be, without the stress.  Bon appétit!

Anne Bergman is Your Kitchen Coach.  She works with brave and motivated women in their kitchens to save time, money and sanity.