Top 5 Favorite Movie Mothers

I Heart Mom

by: Todd Lam

When you think about it, moms get the short end of the stick a lot of the time. Besides having to clean up everyone's messes and not getting paid, she also gets portrayed as a weak character in plenty of movies. But we all know that moms are anything but weak. Whether they're hilarious, heartbreaking, or super-awesome, the best movie moms act as homage to the oldest profession on earth.

The next time you're feeling unappreciated or like you really, really need a vacation from your kids, hole up in your room with a DVD player and one of the following movie moms to feel better.


  Mrs. George – "Mean Girls"

The best part about Regina George's mom isn't her crazy fake boobs, or her too-cool-for-school velour tracksuit, it's the fact that we all know moms just like her. You know, the moms who are dying to be young again, so they attach themselves to their teens in an effort to be the "cool" mom? When Mrs. George offers Cady some alcohol because "if you're going to drink, I'd rather you do it in the house," I was immediately transported back to being a teen, because every parent uses the same logic. Watch "Mean Girls" and be glad that you're not so desperate.


  Molly Weasley – "Harry Potter"

Mrs. Weasley is actually one of the heroines of the "Harry Potter" series, only she doesn't get a ton of recognition; sound familiar? Think about it: She has seven kids and adopts Harry as number eight, but is also crazy powerful. Her last stand against Bellatrix Lestrange proves that she has the strength to protect when it comes to her children. J.K. Rowland admits that the battle proves the difference between maternal love and obsessed love, so grab a bowl of popcorn and feel a little more powerful with your lot in life.


  Helen Parr – "The Incredibles"

Disney managed to show exactly what a mom's life is like with "The Incredibles." Even if you have superpowers, there's a lot of refereeing, plenty of boredom, a ton of cleaning and feeling accomplished over unpacking boxes, and worry over husbands. Helen is a superhero, but moms are the same whether or not they can stretch out to double their size. She teaches her kids to wield their powers carefully, and works to make sure her entire family stays together, which makes her a killer mom.


  Rosemary – "Easy A"

As far as parents go, Olive hit the parental jackpot when it comes to "Easy A." Her parents are super-funny, non-judgmental, and allow her to spell dirty words in her dinner. But Rosemary kicks it up a notch when she and Olive are discussing life, love, and gossip on the hood of their car. Of course, Rosemary totally overshares her past with her daughter, but if this woman was teaching parenting classes, I would totally go. It just goes to show you that if you give your kids a little freedom, they'll probably do the right thing. Note that I said "probably."


  Sheryl Hoover – "Little Miss Sunshine"

"Little Miss Sunshine" is one of my favorite movies of all time, based on the fact that all families are a little crazy, but they'd do anything for each other. Mrs. Hoover is a mom who totally supports her kids, no matter if they want to become beauty queens or fighter pilots. When her odd-duck daughter tanks hard on the beauty pageant stage, the entire Hoover clan gets up to help entertain and make sure that she doesn't feel anything but perfect. Oh yeah, it gets me every time.

Yup, it's definitely moms that make the world—and the world of movies—go 'round. My suggestion is to have a library of mom movies on hand. Watch the awful moms when you need a lift and the great moms when you need a good cry.

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