Erica Ehm


Erica Ehm is the Creator and Publisher of – the online destination for modern moms looking for adult stimulation.

Erica is one of Canada’s most recognized personalities, having started her career in the mid-80’s as the voice of her generation on MuchMusic. Her multimedia resume includes acting, award winning songwriter, playwright, author, journalist and most importantly,

It was her difficult transition from career woman to new mother that inspired Erica to create an online destination for women with children. Thousands of women have become devoted members of YMC, and Erica has become the passionate voice of a whole new generation of moms.

A busy woman juggling multiple activities at once, Erica has become a resource for Canadian women, who often look to her for insight and advice on how to manage their busy lifestyles and still make time for themselves.

Marketing to today's modern woman has become one of Erica's strengths. Advertisers and marketers often use Erica as a resource to connect with mothers. 

Erica’s career in television spans two decades. She was co-creator, writer and host of Yummy Mummy, a parenting show for the music video generation. Other shows include Baby and You - Rogers Television, Popstars: The One - Global, Real Life with Erica Ehm - Life Network, Power Play - Discovery Channel, and The Company - TVO, Live at the Concert Hall - Bravo.

Ehm's talents extend to songwriting. She has won two Junos, three Country Music Awards and three SOCAN Awards. She co-wrote the theme for the film and series Pippi Longstocking. Love Me Even More was the theme song for the film Some Things That Stay.

Erica was contributing editor for What's Up Kids magazine and wrote three stage musicals for the family market for soft-seaters across North America.

She is the author She Should Talk: Conversations with Exceptional Women about Life, Dreams and Success (HarperCollins). Encouraging women and entrepreneurs to follow their dreams is the re-occurring theme for many of Erica’s projects.

She co-authored the kids book The Mischeivous Mom At the Art Gallery with Rebecca Eckler.

Her son Joshua, his little sister Jessie and husband Terry are the reason Erica is a Yummy Mummy.

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