Six Tips For Better Family Photos

Simple Fixes To Make Your Photos Memorable

Your kiddos are finally not screaming, and instead are rather calmly sitting together reading a book. You grab your camera and think "I only get one shot, once they hear that little 'click' the calmness turns to chaos." You take a chance—click—chaos ensues.

Sadly though, your picture isn't quite how you imagined it. Maybe it is too dark, or too bright, or it's all fuzzy. Let's fix that.

Here are some tips and tricks to taking better pictures of your kiddos:

Nicole Herdman has been interested in photography since she was young, always anxiously awaiting the day she could pick up her negatives from the store and see what had been captured. Nicole became more serious about photography in 2007 as a creative outlet, and before long was in business and loving every minute of it.

Photography for Nicole is not just a job, its a passion - capturing moments in time so that can be held onto for just a smidgen longer. Nicole's work includes maternity, infants, kids, seniors, and family portraits too. Her style is not traditional, and does not try to create a perfect sit nicely, look at the camera and say cheese type portrait. Life isn't perfect, and her aim is to capture your life.

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