Beyonce at the Super Bowl's Halftime Show

Love It or Leave It

by Catherine Jackson and Kat Armstrong

More Ass Than Kick-Ass

by: Catherine Jackson

I hadn’t been particularly focused on Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance except that I happened to catch it being re-watched on YouTube by the teenager on my couch. She would not likely have been focused on Beyonce’s performance either except that there was buzz about it, and kids have exquisitely fine-tuned antennae when it comes to buzz. Which is exactly why I was still thinking about Beyonce’s hard-not-to-watch performance when I saw Kat Armstong’s tweet the next morning. So I couldn’t help my earnest self but wade into a discussion that was already clearly well underway in the fun house hallways of social media: was Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance kick-ass, or was it just all about her ass?

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Sexy, Smart, Powerful

by: Kat Armstrong

After I saw a comment on a mum's group early on Monday claiming that Beyonce could not be a "feminist" by wearing a sexually charged outfit (I'm paraphrasing), and that women who wear sexy clothes can't be considered feminists because they look "skanky," I took to Twitter to express my frustration. It frustrates me to no end that in 2013, we still need to explain to women as well as men that regardless of what a woman chooses to wear, she is not trampy nor asking for it. I also find it incredibly frustrating that we still try and put the onus of education on celebrities and pop stars whose job it is to entertain us to also parent our kids.

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Did Beyoncé look like a cobbled prancing horse or did her half-time show prove you can be sexy, smart, and powerful? Spill it and tell us what you think!

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