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Weight Watchers Support

I'm on week 3 of WW...anyone want to swap recipes and success stories???  I've lost 6lbs so far!  Slow but steady!  My goal is 50 lbs in 6 months!

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boost success

Anyone have any ideas for boosting weight loss?  Its so slow to come off and I'm sticking strictly to the points...drinking lots of water...I'm starting to feel discouraged.

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WW Online?

Hey Heather - are you going to the meetings or doing WW online?  I tried to do the meetings a couple of years ago but then it was hard to fit it into my schedule.  I'm thinking of trying the WW online membership but I'm concerned about keeping on top of it.

I've got a similar goal to yours too :)

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Love WW online

Do you have an iPhone?  I absolutely LOVE the app that tracks my points, has recipes, restaurant food counter, a calculator that I use in the grocery store and the weight tracker!

I tried the meetings and weigh-ins- I found it hard to get to the locations that are far from my home.  So I dropped out within a month or so.

I weigh myself on our Wii Fit- I can't fake those numbers and it is a great tracking device.  We have a support group with some friends on FB that I'd be happy to have you join!  If you don't have Wii- maybe get a trusted friend, hubby or kids to do the weigh-ins for you.

Good luck!  Let's do it together- its slow, steady, healthy and I feel so much better!  I'm setting a great example for my boys!  8 pounds and counting....

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I'm in!

Sounds good to me! I don't have a Wii Fit but maybe that gives me an excuse to get a toy that's for ME :)

I have the iPhone app but it's limited without having the WW membership so.... off I go to sign up on their site - wish me luck! :)

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Let's do it!

Happy to have another friend to get even "yummier" with!  The app is cool, costs are reasonable and regular scale is just fine!  So worth it.  I find I'm not really craving or even that hungry anymore.  My snacks are minimal and I feel better!

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I'm doing WW online too!

Hi! I'm doing WW online too. I like the app because I add everything while offline on the subway, then I synch it when I get above ground. Good use of downtime.

I'm of the slow and steady mindset because I've been down this road enough times to know if I restrict everything to lose weight fast, I'll just put it back on when I go back to eating "normally." I follow the plan much more, um, loosely on weekends but strictly through the week. Progress is slow (11 lbs since Oct 25) but that includes the holidays and a vacation, so I'll take it.

I work full time outside the home, dinner was my biggest stumbling block because it has to be fast enough to make between dinner and bedtime that my toddler AND my husband will eat. I've been planning meals for a long time, but I've started documenting the weekly plans so I can look for patterns and keep things fresh.

If you're interested, I share them every week on my fan page. Here is this week's:

Good luck!

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I was thinking of trying WW

I was thinking of trying WW online too. Wasn't sure if it worked well. I know i don't have time to go to the meetings. Hmmm....maybe I should go for it too. Got my iPhone...

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Way to go Julia and Mia!

Julia, my loss has been slower than I'd like, but also not a real that seems like a good compromise!  Keep it up, as it really is such a great way to eat longterm.  That is my goal.  To keep eating healthier but also allow the odd night out and treat.  Life is for living!

Mia, the app is fun and easy.  I'm not a fan on meetings.  Just make sure you have a good way to weigh-in each week.

Let's all keep in touch!

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Reasonable cost

I think that for the cost of WW online, it's pretty reasonable.  They have a special now where you save the $35 sign up fee - you just have to pay for the first 3 months, and then it's something like $22 each month.  I'd totally give up my Double-Double budget for the month in place of this!  (uhm, especially now when I just bought jeans and am absolutely horrified at the size I had to get.... ugh)

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I think I am going to go for it. My will power ever since I had kids is nill. Thanks for the encouragement Heather! And I like the wii idea for weighing in.

I am working out 2-3 times a week. And I bought zumba for the wii which I have to get back into. super fun. Now I just have to work on the meal planning. Will let you know once I'm signed up!

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No other ways than to plan for diet and working out

hi, Heather Hamilton

i think that at the beginning you're working very good thing that is drinking water, as I know that drink more, lose more, right? and so do I currently. next is try with a consistent exercise schedule, eating right foods to burn calories, and so on.

BUT the thing that I thought that cause your discouragement is right inside you - your willing to keep your plan. Rethink, rethink!!! Think that "well, I am doing right job and it will get goal soon"

I think so!


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thanks hana

Great advice and's been a long road to get I have to be patient.  I also think that I'm doing it in a way that will stay off- so that has merit too! 



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I tried WW but it didn't work for me!! I've just started herbalife and it's amazing.  I've lost5 pounds in 1 week.  I'm not hungry at all and I'm making healthy snack choices.

Here's my website to take a look and if you want to check out the company  website:

It's already made a difference in my life!