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YA Novel Review: Small Medium At Large

By Joanne Levy

It's a wonderful thing to be in the position to connect book bloggers with their favourite authors. Recently, I had the opportunity to introduce teen blogger Alex to the talented YA author Joanne Levy at a book signing in London, Ontario. Read on to learn more about Joanne's new novel Small Medium At Large through the eye's of awesome guest blogger Alex W. and while I have your attention why not check out the author's fun book trailer while you're at it!

Small Medium At Large by Joanne Levy

Guest Blogger Review by Alex W.

Life as a seventh grader is hard, Delilah Bloom soon finds. Especially when you can see ghosts.
It all started at her mother’s wedding, when Lilah (as she prefers to be called) was struck down by lightning in a freak accident. 
Guess crazy aunt Rosie was right about that whole impending doom thing.
The next thing she knows, Lilah is in the hospital, surrounded by her living family and even some of her dead relatives, too… because somehow, Delilah Bloom is now your average pre-teen medium.
Yeah, right. As if she could ever be average. Now teamed up with her Bubby to get her father a new wife, Lilah gradually adjusts to being a child medium.  And that’s not all- jeez, Delilah’s life has just gotten a lot more complicated than that. 
There’s Grade 8 fashions shows to be held, brooding, mischievous ghosts to be set straight, and dances (and in particular, her date to said dance) to be worried about. 
And on top off all of that Delilah is set on conquering her fear- talking to her crush, Andrew Finkel. But after an unfortunate mishap that ends in an embarrassing few words being shouted out, Andrew is now convinced that Delilah is a liar. Will she be able to regain his trust—and more importantly—reach her goal of going to the year-end dance with him? 
You never know what’ll happen when you have Alex (Lilah’s best friend) and a few friendly ghosts, including her Bubba, one of the world’s most famous late fashion designers, and Andrew’s dad (um, awkward much?) on your side.
Gosh, what happened to the easy life?
Small Medium At Large is an endearing story with a hilarious take on a normal girl with a unique gift and how she maneuvers through seventh grade. Any girl can relate to Lilah, especially her bumbling personality towards boys, her desire to fit in, and the teenage drama that comes with it. Any girl will find this book one of their immediate favorites. Delilah is a part of every single teenage girl’s ‘awkward’ stage, and you won’t be able to get enough of her!
By guest blogger Alex W.


You can find out about Canadian author Joanne Levy and read an excerpt from her book by visiting her website and her blog. You can follow her activity on the social media sites Twitter: @JoanneLevy, Facebook Page: Joanne Levy Author, and GoodReads: Joanne Levy.


Alex W. is a high school student, an avid writer and a self-confessed bookaholic. She guest posts for various blogs, including the Bookalicious Blog featured in YummyMummyClub.ca. She is a fan of television shows (Gleek), movies (Potterhead), and a major fangirl of One Direction. Check out her blog Musings of a Book Nerd and follow her tweets as @dontforget2live on Twitter.


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