Apr 7 2014

Lainey Gossip Dishes The Dirt On Her Mom In Memoir

Listen To The Squawking Chicken: When Mother Knows Best, What's a Daughter To Do? A Memoir (Sort Of)

by: Wanda Lynne Young

You know the old adage "mother knows best"? Well, in Elaine Lui’s world this couldn’t be more true. Elaine refers to her mother Judy as “ma” in person but this dynamo of a woman is better known as “The Squawking Chicken” in Lui’s circle of friends and fans.

Mar 21 2014


The History And Mystery Of Catherine The Great Continues After "The Winter Palace"

by: Wanda Lynne Young

Told in the voice of Catherine the Great, Eva Stachniak’s enthralling literary novel EMPRESS OF THE NIGHT intimately captures one of history’s most remarkable leaders as she reflects on her ascension to the throne, her rule over the world’s greatest power, and the sacrifices that made her the most feared and commanding woman of her time.



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Wanda Lynne Young welcomes you to her Bookalicious blog!  Wanda Lynne is a freelance writer, autism advocate/activist, multitasking wife and mother to two sons and two cats. She is a regular contributor to magazines, e-zines and web newspapers. Wanda Lynne admits to spending way too much time on the computer but tries to balance it off with daily trips to the gym when she can fit it in, of course! In her sparse spare time she likes to dabble in the fine arts and tackle DIY renovations. Wanda Lynne claims that a healthy diet must include coffee, chocolate and wine!

In Bookalicious Wanda Lynne will tempt us with a hearty helping of delectable book reviews, tasty author interviews and juicy literary news. If you have an appetite for good reads and crave some “me time” then dig into Bookalicious!

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