Dec 17 2014

One Very Special Reason to Lie to Your Kids


by: Tanya Enberg

The Magic of Santa Claus

Some things are inherently creepy about the myth of Santa Claus.

As an adult, I can see this.

The line, “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake,” in the beloved Christmas tune, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, gives me the willies.

Nov 28 2014

How a Piano Became A Family's Unlikely Anchor


by: Tanya Enberg

piano keys

My piano takes up a fair amount of space.

For many years I have moved it from one rental house to the next, accepting the extra costs of hiring special piano movers. It’s a beautiful bulky piece of furniture, and in Toronto-sized rentals, it never really fit in. But, throughout the years of enduring small spaces, my piano survived — including one very close call.

Nov 27 2014

Study: Men Want Sex After Seeing Sex - and History Channel?

Romance is only dead if you're a Romantic. If you're a zombie? GAME ON

by: Tanya Enberg

From the bedroom I hear an assault of gunfire, insane car chases, and the mighty growl of motorcycle engines.

I hear the zombies, too. They are the most terrifying; there is nothing more unsettling than the sound of a man’s desperate screams as he is being torn apart by a pack full of bloodthirsty zombies.

After a few fun zombie attacks, courtesy of The Walking Dead, or a violent action flick, my husband is ready for sleep.


The Face, The Voice, The Blog!

After spending years pulling her hair out writing for national newspapers, magazines and online publications, journalist Tanya Enberg is now pulling her hair for an entirely different reason — trying to learn the rather chaotic rhythms of parenting.

When Tanya and her hubby were planning to start a family, she had no idea just how difficult the parenthood job would be, or how deliriously in love she would fall with their newborn squish. The intensity of joy that arrived with motherhood is incredible, mind boggling and, yes, unexpected.

Fact: Until her son’s birth, Tanya had only ever changed one diaper, and that was on a plastic doll in pre-natal class and still she found it very, very challenging. Now, she can almost change diapers in her sleep and sometimes has.

Oh, and she’s since learned all about onesies (and secretly wishes she could get away with wearing one), been peed on many, many times and has expertly mastered the art of the afternoon nap.

As a lifelong travel junkie, Tanya is the co-founder of the website who hopes their little guy will also be bitten by the jet setting bug.

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