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Bring Awareness To A Great Cause By Growing Facial Hair

Movember begins with a fresh shave

Make A Difference This Movember

I have always been a relatively hairy man. I grew facial hair quite young as a boy and persevered through the manscaping trend to protect my alabaster skin from harm. However, I have never been able to summon the fortitude to maintain structured, coiffed facial hair on a regular basis.

That ends now.

This year I am participating in Movember, which, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, is the annual advocacy campaign for men’s health issues. I have participated in Movember before, with varying levels of success, but had taken a couple years off lately to put my follicles through a vigorous Drago-like training regiment to increase their awesome growing power through science and metaphysics.

As advocacy campaigns go, Movember is the OG of viral awareness, and although it may also be blamed for the rise of hipsters (that’s unproven), the most important part is the awareness it brings to men’s health issues.

Movember has morphed from a campaign focused on prostate cancer to one that takes a broader look at a variety of critical men’s health issues. The change reflects the fact that men’s health is just too under-represented to use such a great campaign for a single condition. To be fair, men’s health flies under the radar often because men are too embarrassed, macho or afraid to talk about it. We are the ones who ignore the signs, tell everyone we are fine, and feel compelled to tough it out if something is bothering us.

One of the greatest success stories of Movember is just how effective it is. A 2013 survey showed that 99 percent of Movember participants used the campaign as a springboard to talk to someone about their health, while 62 percent sought the advice of a medical professional. And from a funds raised to people helped perspective, it is hard to find a more efficient campaign. Movember boasts that 90.5 cents of every dollar go to support men’s health programs.

I began my Movember campaign on November 1 with a fresh shave courtesy of my Harry’s blade and if you are so inclined you can support me or join the Team YMC.


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