Dec 26 2011

'Twas Two Days after Christmas

An After Holiday Poem

by: Sharon DeVellis

‘Twas two days after Christmas
Santa snug in his bed
The sleigh safely parked
The reindeer brushed, bathed and fed

In homes everywhere across cities and towns
Kids peered at their gifts with small grumpy frowns.

The grumbling was low, soft like a whisper
Then it grew louder, stronger and crisper

The shouts were soon heard all ‘cross the land
Did they all band together? Was this shouting a plan?

Dec 26 2011

Kid-Friendly Activities For New Year's Day

Start the year Off On The Right Foot

by: Sharon DeVellis

things to do on new years day

Many of us go out on New Year’s Eve but even if you stay home, whether due to lack of babysitter or lack of motivation, it’s still a late night. Which means the first day of the year can make for a very loooong day, especially if a hangover is involved. Not to mention kids who have had too much excitement and too little sleep.

So if you’re a parent who’s desperately trying to get through the first day of the year without losing your cool and/or possibly your lunch here are five ways to spend New Year’s Day.

Dec 22 2011

The #1 Best Stocking Stuffer for Kids

You're Welcome

by: Sharon DeVellis

The countdown is on and if you're still looking for stocking stuffers, I'm going to let you in on a little stuffing secret.  It's the stocking stuffer that’s guaranteed to elicit smiles from your kids on Christmas morn. This little present has been a hit in our house for three years running and it’s only $4.97. Are you ready?

Ta Da!


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