Jan 2 2012

Words Have Meaning

Choose Them Carefully

by: Sharon DeVellis

Every morning I get up early and read blogs. I read about 20 or so a day—some are friends, some are discoveries I've made throughout the year, some through twitter.  With coffee in hand, I read and/or comment. Comments are important, are they not?  It's nice to see clicks but for me, writing is all about connection and the comments? Well those are the conversations that connect. But that's a whole other post for a whole other time.

Dec 31 2011

Turn Your Christmas Cards into Holiday Keepsakes

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

by: Sharon DeVellis

Christmas ornaments, Gift Boxes and Christmas Letters: Crafty things to do with your holiday cards so they won't become trash.

How To Make Christmas Trees From Old Magazines In Only Minutes

Dec 30 2011

Same Sex Crushes

Who's Your Gus?

by: Sharon DeVellis

There’s this boy. For the sake of the story I’ll call him “Gus” since as far as I know there are no Gus’s in Son No. 1 and 2’s school.

It seems my boys are a bit infatuated with “Gus. Gus is cool, he wears hip clothes—not what’s trendy but his own put together style—and has sort of a skate/snow-boarding vibe about him. When Son No. 1 or Son No. 2 spots Gus they shout out to him and wave, trying to be the first to get the wave back. Gus comes up frequently in conversations.


The Face, The Voice, The Blog!

Sharon is a Common Sense Parent which is somewhere in between being free-range and helicopter. She believes in being active as a family and eating well 85% of the time. The other 15% is for the days when she's PMSing and then all bets are off. So far her parenting style has worked wonders for her two boys who astound her on a daily basis but that's not to say she doesn't have time to totally screw it up. She can't teach you how to keep your house clean while balancing a job and motherhood but if you're a mom who's struggling to figure it out, you've found your tribe.

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You can also visit her at: Speed Skating Mom: On The Slow Track To Becoming Fast

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