Dec 22 2011

The Most Awesome Present Ever

Gracias por el regalo

by: Sharon DeVellis

The other day Lisa showed up at my door with a gift.  She told me she was dropping it off so like the good friend I am, I waited beside the door where she couldn't see me and just as she was about to ring the door bell I jumped out and screamed as loud as I could scaring the living bejaysus out of her.

It was awesome.

But even more awesome was the gift she brought me.

Dec 21 2011

Avoid Morning Meltdowns: Don't Forget These This Christmas

A Holiday PSA

by: Sharon DeVellis

The shopping is done.
The baking complete.
You’ve wrapped all the presents.
It’s time for a treat

This is your reminder.
There’s one thing to get.
Whatever you do,
Please don’t forget.

Because nothing can ruin,
A fun Christmas morn.
Than forgetting these,
You’ve now been warned

There’s still time left.
Grab your car, bus or skiis.
But however you go,
Don't Forget Batteries.

Dec 19 2011

From Mummy To Mom

What Do Your Kids Call You?

by: Sharon DeVellis

Three weeks ago Son No. 1 announced he would no longer be calling me ‘Mummy’, I would be ‘Mom’ instead.

When I asked him why he told me it was because ‘Mummy’ sounded too babyish.

And from that day he has not faltered ONCE.

“Mom, guess what happened today?”
“Mom, can I have a snack?”
“Mom, can I go on the computer?”

Mom! Mom! Mom!  Now I know how Jan from The Brady Bunch feels.



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