Can You Keep a Secret?

We're Giving Away A Secret Vacation

People fall into two categories—those who can keep a secret and those who can’t.

The first category—those who can—can also be divided into two categories. Those who can keep a secret at all costs and those who can be bribed. There is also the third, smaller group of those who can keep a secret so long as they tell just one other person.

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The Math of Ice Time

We spend a lot of time at arenas

With one son who plays hockey, one son who speed skates plus my own newfound love of speed skating, I’m at an arena a minimum of five times a week. Minimum because those five times are the mandatory ‘you need to show up for a practice or game’ times. I am a huge advocate of families being active together. For us, skating is the perfect opportunity for our family to have fun at a sport we all enjoy, so on top of those five times, we go to a public skate at least once a week.

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