Dec 10 2012

The True Spirit Of Christmas

Taught By A Child

by: Sharon DeVellis

We were decorating our Christmas tree on Saturday when it happened.

I have these ornaments that are special to me. They're from my childhood and when my mom passed away my sister and I divided them between us. They always sit front and centre on our tree reminding me of my mom and memories from Christmases past. Unfortunately, the ornaments are also quite delicate and through the years some have broken—there are only four left that are whole.

Dec 31 2011

Recycle Your Holiday Card Crafts

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

by: Sharon DeVellis

Christmas ornaments, Gift Boxes and Christmas Letters: Crafty things to do with your holiday cards so they won't become trash.


Items Needed: Cards, hole punch, scissors, paper fasteners

Step One:  Cut the card in half so you're left with the pretty top portion of the card.

Step Two: Cut the card into equal sized strips (my strips were 1.5 cm)

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