Community Sharing

There Is No Right Or Wrong

I love hearing about the reasons why someone started blogging. What was her inspiration? Why does he continue to blog? Is there something you want to get out of it? Do you have a goal? There is no right or wrong answer and the answers themselves are always as unique and individual as the person who's sharing and yet sometimes there is also a commonality.

So tell me, why do you blog?


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Writing About My Kids

Deciding Who To Write About

Someone pointed out to me, in a not so kind way, that I write more about Son No. 1 than Son No. 2.  Which, truth be told, is a fair assessment. Son No. 1 and I share a common interest—speed skating. I take him to meets, go to his practices and partake in the sport myself.  I often write about his speed skating experience because it is also a part of mine.

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