Jul 1 2012

Birthday Party Alternative

Instead Spend Time With Your Family

by: Sharon DeVellis

I make no bones about the fact that I am completely against loot bags filled with crap but I'm also against how birthday parties have become a competitive sport. I got caught up in the birthday party mayhem when my boys were younger—movie parties, parties at indoor playgrounds, face painters—all for little kids who could easily be entertained with a box.

Sep 22 2011


Presenting Your Wine In The Perfect Way

by: Sharon DeVellis

Anyone who knows me knows I like wine. There’s just something about sitting on my front porch on a summer evening drinking a cold glass of chardonnay or a shared glass with friends. That's called "truth".

This summer I discovered a nice little wine called STLTO and by discovered I mean they emailed me and asked if they could send me a couple of bottles to try. 

Jul 4 2011

The Double Edged Sword Of Motherhood

Being a Mother is Nothing, if not Ironic

by: Sharon DeVellis

The other night, Son No. 2 told me his dad was funner than me in such a nonchalant way, it drove a dagger through my heart.

They had spent the evening playing soccer and baseball in the field across the street from our house. Most definitely fun.

Where was I while all the funness was taking place? 


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