Apr 14 2014

Can Fasting Two Days A Week Change Your Health?

Book Review: The 2-Day Superfood Cleanse

by: Sharon DeVellis

The Two-Day Superfood Cleanse: Can Fasting Two Days A Week Change Your Health?

Since I started training for and taking part in triathlons, it’s made me realize how important food is, not only while training, but in day-to-day life.

Apr 2 2014

What First Impression Does Your Website Make?

Get A Peek Into Your Website’s Usability

by: Sharon DeVellis

What first impression does your website give?

Long story short, I stumbled across this website late last week called Peek. It’s a new user testing platform where you submit your blog/website URL and a real person will visit your site, record a five minute video with their first impressions, and then it is emailed to you. For free.

Mar 21 2014

Have You Ever Unintentionally Made Your Child Afraid?

It Still Hurts My Heart That I Made Him Fearful

by: Sharon DeVellis

Last summer, two men in our community drove around in a white van trying to entice kids to get in. Police issued warnings and it was covered in our local paper several times.

Feb 20 2014

Why Is This Mom Hanging Out In Her Son's Room?

How To Make Conversations With Your Children Less Mortifying For Both Of You

by: Sharon DeVellis

I remember when my kids were small and I knew every aspect of their life, 24/7. I also remember wanting a break, needing time away to recharge and reconnect with myself.

Oh, irony. How you mess with me.

Because now, my kids are older and I’m fighting to stay connected with them.

Jan 29 2014

Climbing Up A Slide Isn’t Scary. This Is Scary.

We May Actually Outlive Our Children And That Scares Me

by: Sharon DeVellis

Balls Aren't Scary. Our Children Outliving Us Is.

So there’s this school in Auckland that signed up to be a part of a study to encourage active play. Only the principal, who is now my hero, took it a step further and decided to abandon recess rules completely.

The end result?

A drop in bullying, serious injuries, and vandalism, and an increase in the kids’ concentration levels.

Jan 22 2014

A Valentine's Day Gift For Older Kids

Adopt An Animal Your Child Loves

by: Sharon DeVellis

A Valentine's Day Gift For Older Kids

Valentine’s Day is coming up and while cute cards and pink everything may cut it with the younger set, if you’re a parent of older kids, finding a gift that isn’t too cutesy can be a challenge.

Jan 16 2014

How To Make Your Mornings Less Stressful

Start Your Day Off With A Smile

by: Sharon DeVellis

How To Start Your Morning With Less Stress

Listen, I know I’m not going to win any fans with this, but if you want to be less stressed and enjoy your mornings more, try getting up earlier. And I don’t mean waking up earlier, being in complete denial, and trying to fall back asleep. I mean actually getting out of bed.

Jan 14 2014

Introducing #YMC411

How Can I Help You?

by: Sharon DeVellis

#YMC411 I'm Here To Help

If you don’t already know, I’m the voice behind @YMCBuzz.

Oct 16 2013

Apps That Access Your Private Info

Do You Know What You're Allowing?

by: Sharon DeVellis

Candy Crush, Instagram....we've all done it. We give apps access to our Facebook information so we can share pictures, and help friends get to the next level.

May 25 2013

Two Wheels to Freedom

Build A Bike For A Child In Ghana

by: Sharon DeVellis

It never fails. The first warm weekend of spring and my children chomp at the bit to have their bikes brought out from the garage. What also never fails is that I can never get the bikes down off their hooks and we all have to wait for my husband to get home to lift them down to the ground.



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