11 + 1 Parenting Hacks That Will Get Your Kids Moving

Listen, I get it. I'm the parent of two boys. It was much easier to ensure they were active when they were younger because they had no choice. But as we all know, kids get older and aren't always into doing what we want them to do because there are computer games, Cookie Clicker, text messages and WILL YOU GET OFF THE SOFA BEFORE YOU BECOME A PART OF IT?

So before you get to the screaming stage, here are some easy ideas to make getting active fun so your kids - who are currently connected to the couch and technology - become connected with activities. 

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Why 10 Minutes is All it Takes to Help Prevent Cancer

...and How Will Ferrell Can Help Make You Live Longer

Ten Minutes Is All It Takes to Help You Beat Cancer

My mom died when she was 59. That thought crosses my mind every day of every week, and when I think of all that she - that we - have missed, it breaks my heart.

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Social Media Overload: My Amish Rant Part 2

Say Hello To A Real Life Social Platform

I swear this will be my last social media rant for a very long time.

If you’re online as much as I am, you’ve probably heard about Ello, the NEW MUST-HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM IF YOU’RE NOT ON IT YOU’RE MISSING OUT ZOMG.

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Why Social Media Makes Me Want To Churn Butter In The Woods

I'm Becoming More And More Low Tech As I get Older

I am becoming more and more low tech as I get older. In about two years you will find me churning butter in a cabin in the woods. Feel free to join me because, butter.


It was the annual Fall Fair in our community. The boys and I have been going for ten years and this small fair is anticipated with as much excitement as Christmas morning.

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Ways To Reduce Soreness From Being Active

I’m a pretty active person and I’m not saying it in a braggy way. It’s more of an I-need-to-be-active-or-I-will become-an-eating-potato-chips-while-on-the-couch World Champion.

By the way, that should totally be an event.

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Stop With The Sport Snack Insanity

Snacks Shouldn't Be Expected After A Sport

I have friends who are athletes. They participate in marathons, half-marathons, triathlons, and duathlons. While training and on the actual race day, they carry gel packs or some other form of nutrition to give them energy because when you’re exerting your body for two to four hours without stopping, you need the calories to keep you going. Fueling your body is an important part of endurance sports.

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Calling All Cyclists: Did You Know CAA Does This?

The Bike Assist App That Can Save Your Butt

CAA Bike Assist Program

On an early Saturday morning this past August I found myself at the Brampton Farmer’s Market watching a bicycle being put together.

My kids have always had bikes and cycling is something we enjoy doing together as a family. We are extremely lucky because my father-in-law is a handy man. He visits garage sales, buys old bikes, fixes them up, and gives them to my boys.

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Things My Kids Did Because They Were Bored

When my kids come to me and tell me they’re bored, my response is nothing. Like, literally. I just stare at them. Usually with one eyebrow raised to convey my disbelief.

I used to try to come up with ideas.

“Make a fort. Go for a bike ride. Go to the park!” shouted out with unbridled enthusiasm.

My suggestions were inevitably met with, “Meh. Don’t really feel like it. Nyah.”

Followed again by...”Mom, I’m so bored. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO.”

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