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The Double Edged Sword Of Motherhood

Being a Mother is Nothing, if not Ironic

The other night, Son No. 2 told me his dad was funner than me in such a nonchalant way, it drove a dagger through my heart.

They had spent the evening playing soccer and baseball in the field across the street from our house. Most definitely fun.

Where was I while all the funness was taking place? 

The next day was Son No. 2's birthday so I had snuck inside to make a Happy Birthday poster and create clues that I taped around the house for him to find his present when he woke up - a tradition here at Casa DeVellis.  Then I needed to wrap his present.  The present that I went out and bought.  After buying the cupcakes he wanted. The ones he ate with his friends I invited over after school to celebrate.

Clearly I'm no fun at all.