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Will This Video Stop You From Seeing 'A Dog’s Purpose'?

Warning: This video will be very upsetting to some people

A Dog's Purpose

Three nights ago at my house: 

Me. to my youngest son:  When dad and your brother go away in February let’s make a date to go see A Dog’s Purpose, okay? 

Son: Ya! I really want to see it!

My son is at that age where he’s not really into animated movies anymore but adult-type movies are sometimes a bit too much, so when we saw the trailer to A Dog’s Purpose about a dog who discovers his purpose in life after he is reincarnated several times over, I knew it was something we would both love. 

Until this morning when I saw the video TMZ released.

Warning: This is a very upsetting video so if you choose not to watch it, what it shows is a terrified German Shepherd being forced into rushing water while visibly resisting. It then shows the dog trying to swim in the turbulent water and starting to go under, (TMZ states that it is unsure whether going under the water was scripted) when a voice can be heard saying "Cut it” and people are seen rushing towards the dog. The video ends there.  

There are currently investigations underway and in this article in the Toronto Star it’s stated that: 

“Animal Justice said it has filed complaints with the Winnipeg Humane Society, the Chief Veterinary Office of Manitoba, and the Winnipeg police department alleging violations of federal and provincial animal protection laws.”

But whether or not charges are laid, I personally can’t unsee how this dog was forced to do something it clearly didn’t want to do for our ‘entertainment.’ This movie was supposed to be a heartwarming story about the connection between dogs and humans but where was that connection for this German Shepherd when he was being forced into the churning water with someone commenting off camera, “Just gotta throw him in.” 

Nope. Full stop. I wouldn't do that to my kids and I wouldn't do it with my dog. 

So A Dog’s Purpose will be a no see for us. I bought the book instead. 

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