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The Important Lesson We Need to Teach Kids After Potty Training

This may seem superficial but it's not.

Life Lessons: The Courtesy Flush

On the surface this may seem like a superficial lesson, but it’s not because in a way it’s asking our children to think about others. Others who may be forced to one day be in a confined room with no windows where people who haven’t learned this lesson were just moments before.

In fact those lesson-less people may even be in this windowless room RIGHT NOW waiting for another unsuspecting victim to come along.

And, as we all know, one can only hold one’s breath for so long.

Let us discuss the courtesy flush.

At some point in our children’s lives they are going to use a washroom that:

(a) Is going to be used by someone immediately after they have finished, or;

(b) Is in a public place.

It’s at this point the courtesy flush comes into play. The concept is simple. If you are using the washroom for a bodily function that requires you to sit down, you should flush in the middle of said duties to reduce the smell. The sooner you execute the courtesy flush, the better.

In the “Who Would Have Thought It” category, there’s actually a lot of controversy about the courtesy flush. Go ahead, Google it. You will find there are people who actually argue over the rhyme and reason of the midway flush. People who are given only a limited number of days to live on this planet, just like you, who are choosing to use that time to argue over toilet flushing.

As a mother I’m begging you to also teach your kids to not ever get into an argument on the internet with a stranger about a courtesy flush. Actually, don’t argue with anyone about anything on the internet. That stuff stays out there forever and forever is a very long time.

Remember….courtesy flush. Their future partners and anyone sharing a public washroom with them will appreciate it.

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